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Автор музыки: (hed) p.e.

Название песни: Its All Over

Длится: 03:41

Дата добавления: 2015-10-06

Скачено (раз): 246

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Текст песни:

London bridges
Falling like a house of cards
Seats of power...Die.

We mobilize - Realize why
We warriors fight for the light

In the darkness
In the right time
We arrive we annihilate
Dssimate lies

You will never win - Never again
Feel the sunrise
See the night end
You're on the wrong side of history
Misery be your legacy in disarray

Can you feel it
I can feel it
It's all over
It's all fucking over

I can see it
I know I can see it
It's all over

Now we begin again...

Get ready
I'm ready for a change
Ya can't stop me
Get out of our way
Here we go
Here we go again
Evolution - Underway
In your face
In the new age

We family - We renegade

See through paranoid websites
Prey on the weak minded
We pray for the day
When the corporate fascists die and decay

Can you fell it? I can feel it!
It's all over...
It's all fucking over.
London bridges
Falling like a house of cards

Seats of power...Die.

It's overcast - But not for long
It's burning off - Our sun is oh so strong

It's time to meet
Yourself alone
And taste the pain
You've caused for
Oh so long

These chains are weak with rust
Your tools of control are dust in the wind

We the people rise from the dirt - Forever
For the meek shall inherit the earth

We are royalty
Kings and queens
No church - No bended knees

We family - We renegade
We pray for the day
When the hatred fade

Can you feel it? I can feel it!!!
It's all over
It's all fuckin over...

Can we begin again?

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